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The Vortex is a high stakes cognitive aid that provides a single universal template for difficult airway management which can be taught to all staff likely to be involved in airway crises. It is simple enough to be recalled in a crisis and flexible enough to be used in any context.


The COAT & Review Approach provides a structured method for assessing any unwell patient, which prioritises supporting airway, breathing & circulation before moving on to diagnosis. It can be used by junior doctors and nurses on the ward or by senior clinicians faced with a deteriorating patient in a critical care area.

Download the e-manual. Download the COAT & Review Flowchart.


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CICO Status: adapted in consultation with Scott Weingart from his CriCon concept, this tool integrates with the Vortex approach to provide clear triggers for a staged escalation in emergency surgical airway (ESA) preparedness when using the Vortex approach. This should assist clinicians in overcoming the practical & psychological barriers to performing an emergency cricothyroidotomy.

Clincal use of the Vortex Approach is reported in a letter to the British Journal of Anaesthesia Br. J. Anaesth. (2014) 112 (4): 773-774